Need help with your WordPress site?

Do you have a WordPress or hosting problem that needs fixing fast?

If you have a problem with WordPress, or a looming technology-based (be it Internet or otherwise) project, feel free to ask if I can help you out – there’s no obligation in asking!

I wont bite.

The best way to contact me fast is on Twitter: @paulgoodchild

No task is too small. Consider the following examples of things you could ask me for help:

  • WordPress is slow!
  • Your plugin update just broke your website
  • You don’t understand caching
  • You want to configure the best SEO tool to use for your site
  • What’s the best plugin to use for A, B, & C.
  • You need a disaster recovery plan. Quick!
  • Business/Personal email hardly works or email connectivity is unreliable
  • Your laptop is like one huge virus, and the computer is probably making baby viruses
  • You need help with configuring your Mircosoft Outlook
  • You want a website for your business but can’t afford huge web designer & maintenance fees
  • Your website is old and just outdated.
  • The plugins for your WordPress site are broken or your WordPress site has been hacked!
  • You want to setup website tracking to view statistics on your visitor profiles
  • You need a dynamic and professional contact or submission form for my blog
  • You want to setup a newsletter/mailing list for your website
  • How do you secure personal data.
  • How do you backup personal/professional data and know that my information is safe & secure

For some of them I can probably answer them there and then. For others, it might require a bit more work.

I’m not interested in charging silly rates for services and you’re under no obligation to pay me a penny just by asking me a question.

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What do I do?

For the past 10 years, I’ve been running a web hosting business, and for 5 of those, I managed (full-time) the I.T. infrastructure for a hedge fund based in Tokyo.

In the finance sector you learn all there is to know about critical systems and downtime, that is to say, downtime is not an option.  You learn quickly how to find, trouble-shoot, and fix problems before they take hold, and that the best defence is a good offence – do a quality job in the first place!

The quality of the job you do is as important as having a plan.

For now, I’ve shelved the 9-5 work life and I’m working as an on-demand I.T. consultant.

The technological challenge we all face

The year is 2011, and I’m sure you know “technology” is a fast-paced, ever-changing world.  To keep abreast of the developments is a full-time job for at least several people.  We can’t be expected to understand everything that technology demands of us.

But knowing all-things technical is no longer necessary!

Knowing what needs to be understood gets the job done properly, and my strengths lie in planning, implementing and troubleshooting technology-centric projects.  If a project is done right in the first place, there’s usually nothing to fix.