As the title suggests, when it comes to your emotions, you can’t pick and choose.

It’s simple, but most of us are living like we’ve found the secret to happiness – ignoring all the negative feelings we have.

I’ve been taking a lot of time out in the last weeks to really dig in to where I am and how I got here.

A single article wont be enough to explain it all, but I have to start somewhere.

So I’m going to start with grief.

The simple fact is that I haven’t even begun to properly embrace the grief I’ve experienced from the recent passing of my dad and one of my childhood friends. The effects have been widespread but are most clearly seen in the joy I feel, or rather the lack of it.

It’s hard to put this into words that make sense, but hopefully by trying to do so, anyone else who feels similarly may be able to relate and perhaps in-part, start to release the strangle hold that they have on their own hearts.

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Just One Thing

by Paul Goodchild on December 27, 2014

It’s easy to start thinking of all the new, wonderful things you’ll do with your life when X happens.

X can be anything. It can be the 1st of January.  It can be when you get that new job.  It can be when a relationship breaks up and you’re released back into the wild again.

Wishing for shit is a trick we play on ourselves. It’s the wool we pull over our eyes to hide us from the truth – if we’d really, really and truly wanted what we planned for to happen, we’d have made it there a long time ago.

There’s a reason you haven’t taken steps towards it already, and why you never seem to “find the time” to get it done.

You don’t want it.

Don’t get me wrong, you think you want it. You probably even know you want it.

But you don’t want it; not enough; not really.

Ever noticed how quickly you find water when you need it? There is no stopping you.

That pair of shoes you loved in the shop – you got them, didn’t you?

What about that job, or the promotion? You worked your ass off and you got that too.

Have you noticed when a need goes deep and it’s all you can think of, when you’re focused on it and nothing else, you usually get it?  It’s the same for most of us.

It’s the foundation of the much misunderstand “Secret” – the law of attraction.  It’s not some magical force where the Universe hears your petty needs and answers because this time you reeeeeaally want it.  It’s simply because when we want something, when that desire is strong enough to weave its way into our lives and our hearts, we move towards it with all our energy.

And if there’s anything that can be said about you… when you get down and focus on achieving something, you get it done.  Right?

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