look-back-see-how-far-youve-comeAren’t we often reminded to look forward and not to dwell on the past?

After-all, the past can’t be changed and we should be moving forward into our future with high hopes and expectations.

That’s where our future is!

This thinking is flawed.

It’s not where you look that counts, it’s how you look at it.

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Where the Magic HappensMy dad gave me a foundational piece of wisdom about 20 years ago, and I caught myself remembering it this morning on my way to practice my roller-blades skillz (more on that later).

I laugh at it now because it sounds a bit silly, but he taught me a valuable lesson when I was still very young.

It came from the fact that I was born in Nigeria. My parents were missionaries at the time and if it’s your time to come, you’ll arrive wherever you’re destined to.

But when I was younger, being from Nigeria really confused me and I couldn’t put it all together in my head. So after much deliberation, I ran it past the one person I knew would set me straight, my dad…

Me: So, I’m “African” then? But I’m not black like other African people and I can’t speak their funny language?

Dad: No, you’re not African.  You’re the same as me.

Me: But people who are born here are from here, and we call them Irish/British. But I wasn’t born here so I can’t be called that.

Dad: It doesn’t matter where you’re born – that doesn’t tell you who you are. If you were born in a garage, that wouldn’t make you a car.

And with that simple sentence he blew my little mind right open. I can’t remember what age I was when I asked that, but I guess around 10-12.

Guess what? You can choose who you are

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Expectations – both the Source of Great Joy and Deep Sadness

August 4, 2014

Ever wondered why you feel the way you do? Why did something that happened yesterday upset you so much? After looking back on past event within the greater context of our lives, we often realise it wasn’t such a big deal anyway. But why do we get so upset at the time? What causes us […]

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Can you still retain emotional balance while falling in love?

June 27, 2014

Let’s be fair, we all know that to “find happiness/contentment/balance”, we must look within ourselves. You know that already, right? Well I’m going to assume that you do… and if you don’t, give this a read from Leo. My question is, based off my experience in the last 6 months, and after reading this random […]

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If you can’t figure out why, ask yourself “why not?”

June 23, 2014

Ever stop to ask why you’re doing what you’re doing? Of course you have. But, do you always answer it though? The only way we grow, get better, be happier, and feel like we’re actually making progress, is to question what we’re doing and most of all, WHY we’re doing it. Then adapt accordingly. Often we deliberately ignore […]

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3 Approaches To Life From The Greatest Man That Ever Lived :)

May 21, 2014

Today is my dad’s birthday. Unfortunately he’s not here in person to celebrate it… but I am. It’s hard to know where to start to write about him even after nearly 2 years, and so I haven’t until now… but I want to start somewhere. So I’ve picked 3 things that I can directly attribute […]

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Relationships: 4 Lessons Learned To Bring To The Next One

April 29, 2014

I’ve recently just come out the end of a relationship that I thought was pure beezer. It had all the right ingredients… possibly the best that I’ve experienced to-date, though it was unfortunately short lived, and teetered out after a few months. Now it’s time to work out where it all went wrong…

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Your balls won’t always bounce back

April 1, 2014

Here’s a little metaphor to help us find that sweet-spot balance in life. It’s basically this: In life you’re juggling 5 balls: Work Health Family Friends Spirit As any one that’s tried juggling knows, we sometimes drop the ball. Which one we drop in this case is important. All the balls in that group of […]

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When sometimes who you are just isn’t enough

March 27, 2014

We all know that finding “the one” is hard, but that’s just the start of the hard. You can stand confident in your own skin; you can know who you are; you can know who you want; but sometimes it doesn’t work out anyway. Why is that? Why does it implode even when it seems […]

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You’re not special. You’re something much better – you’re the same

December 29, 2013

There is the thinking that it’s a wonderful idea to teach children they’re special; some how set apart from the other kids. I think this is counter-productive and works against us all in the long term. What makes children so special anyway? Why not the big people too – big people really are just children […]

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